Choose Church Capital


1. Quick Funding

Most of our loans take 2 to 3 weeks to process, unlike 2 to 3 months with other loan sources. Once the equity in the Church’s real estate is established, and the title search on the property is completed, funding follows shortly thereafter.

2. Easy Qualifying

Our loans are based primarily on the equity in the Church’s real estate. If the Church has the equity we require it’s rare we can’t arrange the loan. We don’t require credit reports and we don’t ask for income tax returns or profit and loss statements.

3. Minimal Paperwork

The information we need from the Church mostly involves photocopying existing material. Please note our, “Checklist of Items Required to Process a Loan Request”.

4. Fixed Interest Rate

In most cases regardless of the term of the loan, the interest rate will be fixed. Therefore, the Church can make plans accordingly knowing the interest rate and monthly payments will not increase.

5. Various Repayment Schedules

We don’t offer a “one size fits all” loan program. Instead, we can design a loan that best meets the needs of the Church. Loans can be anywhere from interest only to fully amortized or any repayment schedule in between.

6. 3 to 25 Years Terms Available

In addition to various repayment plans we also offer a variety of loan terms depending on what best fits the Church. Some Churches prefer a longer term with lower monthly payments while others prefer to pay back the loan sooner and save on the overall interest.

7. Convenient

The Church does not have to travel to meet with us. We will come to the Church to meet with you and sign loan documents.



The principals at Church Capital have arranged millions in loans for Churches throughout the United States since 1999. Getting your church loan approved in a timely manner is our goal at Church Capital. We specialize in commercial loans for churches, temples, and schools of all denominations. We can help you start your church finance today without a bunch of forms