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Trust Deed Investment

Trust Deeds from Church Capital Corporation can earn investors an 8-13% annual return. Each loan is secured by California real estate with enough equity to protect each lender’s investment.

The Definition of a Trust Deed Investment

Superior arranges loans on borrower’s properties that are funded by individual investors. Each investment made by lenders is evidenced by two important documents:

Deed of Trust: A document signed by the borrower and is recorded publically as evidence that a loan has been made against the property in the form of a lien. The Deed of Trust is the investor’s security instrument that requires the loan be repaid at maturity or if the property is sold.


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Promissory Note: Simply, the note is a promise by the borrower to prepay the loan. Also signed by the borrower, this document spells out the terms of the borrower’s loan, including the amount, interest rate, payment frequency, maturity date and any possible borrower penalties. This document is not recorded and kept in safekeeping within Superior’s security vault. Each investor will receive and should retain their copy of the original promissory note.

These two documents evidence the ownership of a Trust Deed Investment (‘TD’) by an Investor that has purchased, either in whole or in part of a borrower’s loan, an interest in the borrower’s loan arranged by Superior.

Benefits of Trust Deed Investments

TDs are Easy- Anyone can invest in TDs with confidence, unlike many other investments that require years of experience and savvy. TDs also require little attention after the investment is made, just sit back and receive your monthly payments.

TDs are Safer- High Yields does not mean that it’s high risk. All risks and solutions are identifiable up front. Also, investor’s capital is always secured by real properties with a minimum of

35% protective equity based on present day appraised values.

Diversification-Investors can leverage success with short and long term loans, various property types. loan purposes and property locations. Investor’s funds aren’t pooled with other investors, instead lenders may select their investments one by one with confidence to suit their own investment strategies.

Invest in Real Estate Without the Hassle-TDs are the easiest way to invest and begin investing in real estate. It’s the safest way to learn the details of the industry without having to own property or deal with the hassles of property management.

TDs are Fun-Church Capital’s investors enjoy the ease of investing and the joy of receiving monthly checks with fixed yields.

How It’s Done – The Process

Step 1: Browse Available Notes

All of Church Capital’s investments are available investments are available for download from our office.

  • Review each investment and the attached loan bulletin that covers all the details of the loan.
  • After finding the loan that meets your criteria reserve your space by filling out the simple form on the investment’s page.

Step 2: Making the Investment

Prospective Investors then receive a Loan Package for each trust deed investment to review, sign and return to Church Capital Corporation. The Loan Package consists of:

  • Full Loan Bulletin/ Investment Summary
  • Property Appraisal from an independent licensed appraiser w/ photos and map.Borrower’s credit report
  • Lender Purchaser Disclosure Statement
  • Loan Servicing AgreementCopy of the promissory note and trust deed
  • Preliminary ReportOther Related and Available Documents

Investor’s packages are sent byphysical mail (or via DocuSign by request). Investors funds may be sent by either by personal/ cashier’s check or by wire transfer (preferred) to be deposited into our FDIC insured Funding Trust Account at US Bank.

Step 3: After the Loan Closes

After the transaction closes and is publicly recorded, Lenders will receive:

A Receipt of Funds DepositedCopy of the Promissory NoteCopy of the Recorded Deed of TrustCoy of the Title InsuranceCopy of Fire Insurance Loss Payee

Step 4: Receive Payments & Re-Invest

After the loan has funded:

  • Lenders will begin the receive monthly interest payment, deposited automatically their chosen bank account, after the borrower’s first payment. Invest earned interest to earn ‘compound interest’.
  • As each investments is paid-off, your principal investment is returned for you to keep or rollover and re-invest.


As each investments is paid-off, your principal investment is returned for you to keep or rollover and re-invest.